Commission Information

Thanks for considering me! Below are some of the options I offer for commissions.

Check out my Work Queue if you want to know what's already on my plate.

Sketch - $75

A simple, expressive sketch of your character, with monochromatic color and a textured background.

- Single character only.
- Completed in one sitting, without approval or revision stages.

Kacekitten Sample Nyghtwulf Sample Ceryl Sample Whimsi Sample

Color - $150

A loose-but-polished, colorful rendition of your character! Light and shading is likely, but not guarantee, especially for more complex characters.

- Single character only.
- Completed in one sitting, without approval or revision stages.

Thrakos Sample BattleFerrets Sample Areyath Sample Kukulkan Sample

Painting - $400

A fully painted image, perfect for showcasing your character or exploring story settings. Includes a textured background by default; adding props or more of an environment will increase the price.

Shaytalis Sample Brett Sample Shiro_Longtail Sample Partran Sample

All prices are USD.
Find more examples of my work on Twitter, FurAffinity, and Weasyl.

Possible fees

The prices above are a baseline. For images with multiple characters, extra detail, or special instructions, you may incur an additional fee based on that baseline. Where there is a range, the exact amount will be determined based on exactly what is being asked for.

Will and Won't Draw

I'm happy to draw any species, sex, gender, or body type, and I'm comfortable with erotica (including fetish themes) as well as clean art!

Here are things I'm very unlikely to draw:

And a few "maybe" things:


Figured out what you'd like? Looking for something that's not listed here? Got some questions before you decide? E-mail me at! Just let me know what kind of art your interested in, and we can discuss when I can do it and what the price would be.

I will sometimes announce when I'm looking for more work - first on Twitter, and then my FurAffinity page - but these opportunities tend to fill quickly. The easiest way to get art from me is to send an e-mail.

After we've settled on the details and price for your commissison, I'll give you instructions on paying for it. Check my Terms of Service ahead of time for details on payment, revisions during the process, and delivery of your finished piece.