Commission Information

Hey! Do you like my work? Want me to draw something for you? You're in the right place!

Prices (USD)

Sketch - $75

A sketch of your character, in a toned style. Markings may be loosely interpreted.

Extra characters: $75

Partran Sample Hysterium Sample Onom Sample Sassy Sample

Color - $150

A more polished rendition of your character with color and some extra flare!

Extra characters: $135 (10% off!)

Nyghtwulf Sample Areyath Sample Uchoa Sample Nyghtwulf Sample

Painting - $500

A fully rendered image, perfect for showcasing your character, or exploring story settings.

Extra characters: $400 (20% off!)

AxisAngles Partran Sample Shaytalis Sample KaceKitten Sample

Find more examples of my work on Twitter and FurAffinity.

Possible fees

The prices above are a baseline. Images with more detail or special instructions may add a fee. All fees are calculated from the base price.

Fetish content may add a 50-75% fee. These are things that I'm happy to draw, but present a unique challenge, or appeal to such a smaller niche audience that it limits my ability to showcase and profit from the art.

When possible, I may ask to do an alternate version where the kink is lessened or not visible, giving us the best of both worlds.

Commissioning Me

I will usually announce when I'm looking for work, on Twitter, with instructions on how to order.

Outside of announcements, you can always contact me first, if you're interested in a commission. Reach me at There, we can discuss what you're looking for, prices, and my availability. Please mention any deadlines you may need met in your FIRST contact.

After we've settled on the details, we'll move forward to payment.

If you're serious about commissioning me, make sure to read my Terms of Service ahead of time! You will be bound to these terms once we start working together.